September 2023


5 Seconds Wait In Suggestion list

Users now have the capability to incorporate a 5-second delay from the suggested fixes in the event of a step failure.

Enable and Disable Highlighter

For advanced users, the highlighter is now a feature that's both accessible and visible while recording a script. It offers users the flexibility to enable or disable it as needed, putting control in the user's hands to toggle the highlighter on and off according to their preferences and requirements.

View Password on Login Page

On the login page, users have the option to click the eye icon, which allows them to view the password they have entered.

Bulk Operations - Extension

You have the flexibility to choose multiple steps and perform various actions on them, such as deletion or selection, using the options available in the three-dot menu.

Option to Select Region at Login

Introducing a region selection feature during login - as earlier by default the application would set region to United States.

We've added a dropdown menu, as illustrated in the image, positioned between the user ID and password fields.

Users can choose their desired region from the list, or the default selection will be the United States.

Status of Visual Validation - Web

  1. Visual Validation Indicator

    • We've implemented a visual validation indicator in this release. Now, a checkbox will be marked as checked when visual validation is enabled.

  2. Enhanced Step Table

    • To provide greater clarity in your testing workflows, we've introduced a new column in the step table titled "After Soft Fail." This column displays a checkbox to indicate the status of visual validation, whether it is enabled or disabled for each step.

Enabling Visual Validation - Extension

GTP Extension is set to receive a user interface makeover, which will include an enhanced capability to verify whether visual validation is activated or deactivated for each step.

Saving Changes without Browser Reload - Extension

Currently, whenever the extension is closed using the close button, the extension reloads the GTP web app tab to load the data that has been saved. This approach causes delay in loading the web app when there are more scenarios and steps.

The GTP Extension is updated and now communicates with the web app. This way the web app can load the saved data without reloading the page. The saved changes are now reflected on the web app without reloading the entire page.

Play/Pause Execution - Extension

Currently, when the user initiates the test, there isn't an option to halt the process at a specific action, enabling the user to commence script editing from that point.

This latest enhancement empowers the user to play or pause on-going test execution as needed and resume from any point of activation.

Blocking Duplication of Test Name/Test Plan - Web

GPT now provides a safeguard against users creating duplicate test names and test plan names within the same application. Users will receive an immediate prompt when attempting to enter a duplicate test name / test plans.

Record Enter Key in Execution - Extension

Previously, the extension lacked the ability to capture the "Enter" key action when users were creating a test using the extension. This sometimes resulted in test case failures when executed locally or on the cloud.

Now, the extension has been enhanced to record and execute the "Enter" key action whenever it appears in the test script or when executed by the user.


API Test Not Saved

Issue Fixed: Trying to save the API test it is not saving the test steps.



  1. Access the application.

  2. Select any project.

  3. Navigate to the test page.

  4. Select the API test tab.

  5. Click on Add new test--->Enter test name & Test plan name.

  6. Navigate to the Manage Test page.

  7. Click the Create API test button.

  8. Enter the scenario Name, choose the API method and API endpoint.

  9. Hit the send request button.

Parallel execution in Test Plan page

Issue Fixed: Previously, when adding three environments to a test plan with two test cases, initiating parallel execution resulted in more executions than expected, causing an issue. We are pleased to announce that this issue has been resolved, and now parallel execution functions as intended.


  1. Access the application.

  2. Navigate to the Test Plan page.

  3. Add multiple environments to the test plan.

  4. Execute the test plan.

Extension Not Loading in AI Test Case Execution

Issue Fixed: Extension now loads right after when browser is launched.


Here is how the issue was identified:

  1. Access the application.

  2. Generate the test step.

  3. Execute the test case in the local.



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