August 2023


GTP Sense - AI Report

Experience the convenience of GoTestPro’s (GTP) user-friendly UI interface, designed to effortlessly guide you through accessing and selecting prompts for obtaining valuable information related to your "Runs."

Discover an array of three listed suggestions available for users to explore:

  • Summarize my last Test Run.

  • What are my last Test Runs?

  • Why did my last test fail ?

Empowering users with the ability to enter any desired message using the messaging option. By clicking on suggestions or typing in text, the API will be invoked to generate a response.

Adding Variable - Extension

Currently, GTP Extension empowers users to effortlessly extract and store values from the AUT, enhancing their workflow. Instead of having to navigate back to the GPT web app for this task, we're excited to introduce a forthcoming feature that will enable users to conveniently add variables directly from within the extension.


This enhancement will streamline the process and offer a more seamless experience for our users.

Adding Variables - Web

Users can capture the value and can add variables against that value at the “step in recorder” Extension while recording. The users can use the defined variables among steps in the web app.

How to save Global variables:

 User can use the Global variables across the project.

  1. Navigate to the Settings page from the side menu.

  2. Click on the Variables tab & enter the variable name & value.

  3. Click on the Save button.

  4. How to save Local Variables:

User can add local variables while recording or by managing the variables tab.

  1. After saving the Global variables, click on Tests from the side menu

  2. Click on Add New Test (Browser Test) & enter the Test name & Tag name

  3. Users can choose the defined variables by right-clicking and selecting from the GTP Context menu.

Visual Validation Enhancements - Web

Following enhancements are now available in GTP Webapp.

  • Users now have capacity to personalize project preferences, allowing them to designate a step as unsuccessful (fail) in situations where specific percentage modifications occur.


Image Comparison

  • On clicking an image in the image comparison screen, GTP presents the user with a gallery view showcasing the selected image.

  • Image comparison icon is visible to only those images in results scenarios when its applicable from extension end i.e when extension enables image comparison flag only in that particular step it should show image comparison icon.

Options for Post-Step Fail - Extension


In case of step failures, GoTestPro Extension will present alternative courses of action.

During the local execution of a test case, if a step encounters a failure, the Extension will offer choices for diagnosing the issue and proposing remedies, as depicted in the image below.

API Step Creation - Extension

An API call, also known as an API request, involves sending a message to a server to get a service or information from an API. There are situations where incorporating an API call within a test becomes necessary. Therefore, offering users the choice to include an API call as a step in the test case is advantageous.

At present, the GPT web application allows users to include an API as a step and now this functionality is also available in Extension. This means that users now have the capability to integrate an API as a test step within the web app and extension.

Bulk Updates for Visual Validation - Extension


Earlier, the GTP Extension only supported enabling visual validation one step at a time. This new feature provides an option to user to select multiple steps and enable visual validation without having to select one by one.

Screen Shot support in Local Execution - Extension

Now you can capture screenshots while you’re exuecting tests in the GPT extension. The system will display screenshots in the PDF generated from Test Details screen of your local execution.

Favorite Feature - Extension


GoTestPro empowers its users with the capability to designate a feature as a favorite within the Extension. This enables you to conveniently access the favored feature through a dedicated shortcut button. It's worth noting that the allocation for shortcut buttons allows for up to two favorited features.

Removing Restrictions on Scenarios

Now you can get full potential of your testing campaigns by removing constraints on the number of scenarios during data-driven execution or when locally executing with more than five scenarios.

Bugs Resolved

Execution Result Shown as Failed

Issue Resolved: During the execution of the if-else conditions, the outcome should be marked as "Passed" if either of the conditions is met.

  1. Access production / development environment.

  2. Navigate to the test list page.

  3. Navigate to the Manage test page.

  4. Create one scenario for If else condition.

UX Issues in Test Plan Page

  1. Issue Resolved: When clicking on the Test Plan name, it will redirect to the Add Test Plan page, and the page heading should be updated accordingly.

    1. Access production / development environment.

    2. Navigate to the test plan page.

    3. Expected: While clicking on the test plan name it should land on the test plan detail page.

  1. Issue : Add test plan page doesn’t need execution list table.

Fixed: Add test plan page.

Added test plan page-Filled.

  1. Issue: The edit test plan page is not as per the prototype.

Resolved: Separate page for Edit test plan page.

  1. Issue: After attempting to add a test case to the test plan and clicking the save button, the pop-up for adding the test case did not close.

Resolved: Add test case pop can be closed.

Following steps were taken to identify and fix the issue:

  1. Access production / development environment.

  2. Navigate to the test plan page.

  3. Click the Add Test Plan button.

  4. Navigate to the Add Test Plan page.

  5. Click the Add Test button.

  6. Add the test case.

  7. Click Save button.


  1. Issue Resolved: The save button was missing on the Add Test Plan page and now added to the screen.

Following steps were taken to identify and fix the issue:

  1. Access production / development environment.

  2. Navigate to the test plan page.

  3. Click the Add Test Plan button.

  4. Add the test case to the test plan.


CI/CD option issues in Test Plan & Test Plan Detail pages

issue Resolved: Clicking the CI/CD icon on the test plan page doesn't result in any action, and when clicking CI/CD from the test detail page, the page remains stuck in a continuous loading state. The issue was identified and fixed.

Following steps were taken to identify and fix the issue:

  1. Access production / development environment.

  2. Navigate to the test plan page.

  3. Choose any plan --> Click the CI/CD option. Or

  4. Navigate to the test plan detail page and click the CI/CD button.

Parallel execution in test plan page not working

Issue Resolved: If user incorporated three environments into a test plan that includes two test cases and attempt to run them in parallel, instead of initiating just six executions, it will generate an increasing number of executions.

Following steps were taken to identify and fix the issue:

  1. Access production / development environment.

  2. Navigate to the test plan page

  3. Add Multiple environments to the test plan

  4. Execute the test plan

Variables Not Saved After API Execution

Issue: The variables used from the API were unavailable after the test execution but have now been resolved to make them accessible.

Following steps were performed to identify and fix the issue:

  1. Navigate to test the page.

  2. Record scenario for API.

  3. Execute the API in the local.

Issues on Test plan Page

The following issues were identified and fixed on the dev environment in the Test Plan page:

  1. If trying to schedule one test plan, Schedule button appears for all test plans available on the project.

  2. Unable to edit test plan description.

  3. The schedule icon on the Plans page  is not working.

  4. Unable to add more than 2 test cases to the test plan.

  5. If Multiple test cases are executed, in execution history only one test case result  is shown.

  6. While Add Environment to the test plan by doing a single click it adds double-entry.

  7. Without a Test plan name able to create the test plan. 

No proper response on clicking GTP Sense Suggestions

  1. Hit the prod URL

  2. Navigate to gtp sense

  3. Click on one-by-one suggestions

Issue: When clicking on suggestions it didn't give proper answers

All Suggestions Preview & payload are attached.

Summary as below of last Test run Preview, Payload & Response.

Last Test Runs

GTP Sense - UI Issue

The following issues persist in the GTP sense page

  1. GTP sense Page Heading is not displayed as per the Expected screenshot

  2. Chat Pattern Design is wrong now in the web app Userquestion is displayed on the left & AI is displayed on the Right

  3. The User & AI chat icons are missing

  4. The regenerate option is missing

  5. On clicking the GTP sense menu for the first time the GTP sense Page the highlighted text is not displayed

Issue screenshots

Expected Screenshot



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