October 2023


Record & Execute Actions Taken in Rich Text Box - Extension

Our extension has been enhanced to capture and execute actions carried out within a rich text box during execution. Furthermore, the extension now offers robust support for recording and executing Sendkeys when users interact with an embedded rich text box, even if it's not a standard input field or text area.

This feature extends to HTML pages embedded within iframes, ensuring comprehensive support for various scenarios, including those within the marketplace script that involve interactions within rich text boxes.


Optimized Page Loading

We've successfully identified and eliminated superfluous or redundant service calls, resulting in a substantial enhancement and optimization of GoTestPro's user interface loading times.

Element Details Tool-tip

GoTestPro user experience is now improved with the new Element Details Tooltip feature. This addition is aimed at enhancing your interaction with elements in the application, ensuring a more user-friendly experience.

When you hover your cursor over a highlighted element, a tooltip will appear, offering valuable information about that particular element. This convenient feature is seamlessly integrated into the existing element highlighter tool.

All Steps Selection for Bulk Operations

Discover the latest enhancement in our Extension – the ability to select all recorded steps for streamlined bulk operations. No need to close your session after recording; this feature empowers you to effortlessly manage multiple actions with ease.

Variable Input Box is Hidden During Execution

The GoTestPro testing environment has undergone a redesign to enhance the execution of tests. As part of this update, the variable input box is now concealed or made inactive during test execution. This adjustment is designed to streamline the execution process, reducing distractions and mitigating the risk of errors associated with manual input.

Elevating your user experience: Upon login, you'll be directed straight to the Tests page, bypassing the Projects page. If you have at least one project, you'll seamlessly navigate to the Test List screen.

For those without a specific project selection, our system intelligently defaults to your most recent project, ensuring a smooth transition to the Test List screen.

Duplication Check on Project Name

Our application ensures that users cannot create a new project or rename an existing project with a name that closely resembles an existing one. In such instances, the system immediately provides a clear error message to notify the user of the naming conflict.

Adding Variable in Extension

As of now, the extension exclusively enabled variable creation through extraction from the Application Under Test (AUT).

However, this new feature empowers users to instantly generate variables directly within the extension, facilitating their use in test case editing.

Record and Execute Enter in Execution

Previously, the existing extension lacked the capability to record the "Enter" key when users performed this action while creating a test using the extension. This resulted in occasional test case failures during local and cloud-based executions.

Now, the extension has been enhanced to effectively record and execute the "Enter" key action whenever it occurs, ensuring more reliable test execution.

Validate Email Address in Signup

GoTestPro exclusively permits sign-up using organizational domains and restricts the use of email domains such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. This ensures that only organizational email addresses are eligible for registration, enhancing security and aligning with our platform's intended user base.

Project Selection

Previously, the project selection dropdown was visible throughout the platform and across all features.

We have now streamlined this by removing the project dropdown from various locations, consolidating it into the Projects page. Users can conveniently select their project from there, enhancing the user experience.

Incorporating Lambda video URL to a JIRA bug

With the latest enhancement, GoTestPro now empowers users to seamlessly link a video of a failing test case with a bug created in Jira using GPT technology.



Enter Key Issue on Field level

Issue Fixed: After clicking the Apply button, the filter popup now closes itself. Earlier, to close this popup, the user needed to click somewhere else on the page.


  1. Access the application.

  2. Select a project.

  3. Navigate to the Result page.

  4. Click the Filter icon.

  5. Enter the required details and click Apply.

Filter Popup Issue on Reults

Issue Fixed: When trying to Apply filter on result page, on clicking on apply button the Filter popup didn't close. While trying to use Enter key at Field level was not working and now it is fixed.


  1. Access the application.

  2. Select any project.

  3. Start Recording the steps using the Extension.

  4. Trying to use the enter key on the field (input field) level.

Variables Dropdown Showing Empty Values

Issue Fixed: In cases where the project had no pre-existing variables, and a user attempted to create a variable using the IF-ELSE function, the Variables dropdown would show empty values. We're glad to report that this issue has been resolved, and the Variables dropdown now correctly displays the available variables.


  1. Access the application.

  2. Select any project.

  3. Navigate to a Test and click Create New Test.

  4. Once the test is created, navigate to the Manage Test page.

  5. Before recording the scenario, verify there are no variables saved for Project.

  6. Record the scenario using Extension.

  7. Click on the Plus icon from the extension and select a condition.

  8. Select Variable form IF ELSE condition.

Issues in APIs Execution

Issue Fixed: We're pleased to inform you that these issues have been resolved, and now the APIs are executing as expected. Also, it is happening only for a specific user on live application, which doesnt have rights.


  1. Logging out when clicks on ‘Execute APIs’.

  2. ‘Execute APIs’ not working properly.

  3. Keys are disappearing after save the API tests.


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