Exporting Test Execution Results to Xray - Jira

Users is able to send the automated test scripts execution results to Xray for the test cases created in Xray - Jira for the Application under Test.

  1. Login as a Manager/Engineer.

  2. Navigate to the Settings page from the main menu.

  3. Click on the Xray Integration tab.

  4. Enter the needed inputs for the following fields: Jira URL, Jira Username, Jira API Token, Xray Client ID, and Xray Client Secret.

  5. Click on the Connect button.

  6. Next, the user has to select the Jira project and GTP Project for project mapping.

  7. Navigate to the Tests page and create a New Test.

  8. Record a scenario and map the 'Jira key' against the script created for that test case.

  9. Execute the Test by clicking on Cloud execution from Execute Context menu

  10. Once execution is completed, click the View Results link in the Manage Test Page tab.

  11. Click the 3 dots and then click Export to Xray icon in the Results Detail Page. User(s) now get an execution Jira key ID.

  12. When clicking on Jira key link, the user can see the Test execution page on the Jira application.

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