November 2023


Research & Implementation for Supporting Recording & Execution of Shadow DOM in Cloud Execution

Currently, Cloud Execution lacks the capability to record and run elements within the shadow DOM. We ahave enhanced our existing setup to seamlessly incorporate this feature without requiring extensive changes.

This enhancement empowers us to efficiently record and execute elements residing within the shadow DOM.

Auto Wait Feature - Extension

In our latest enhancement, we've refined the extension's performance strategy. Previously, the extension employed a fixed 4-second wait time for element actions, which posed challenges for slower-executing applications.

To ensure a truly seamless execution, we've implemented a dynamic waiting mechanism. Now, the extension patiently waits until the page fully loads, ensuring precision in action execution without being constrained by a default time setting.

Enhancement of Test in Selenium

In an exciting update, GoTestPro introduces a powerful enhancement that enables users to effortlessly export recorded scripts from scenarios, tests, or entire projects to WebDriver code.

Simply select your desired scenario, test, or project, and with the click of a button, choose the export option to generate a file containing the exported code. This enhancement provides the flexibility to export all test cases into Selenium scripts, streamlining your testing workflow.

Integratation of Azure DevOps with GoTestPro

At GoTestPro, our commitment to enhancing user experience is unwavering. In line with this commitment, we have prioritized the establishment of a robust integration between Azure and GoTestPro. Our primary objective is to optimize testing and deployment processes, fostering a more streamlined and efficient development lifecycle.

This integration is facilitated through meticulous configuration in GoTestPro for Azure Access to the application, empowering users to seamlessly create issues directly within the Azure DevOps board. This marks a significant stride towards fostering collaboration and elevating overall efficiency in our development endeavors.


Filter Pop-up Issue on Results Page Issue

Issue Fixed: Previously, the filter pop-up on the Results page extended beyond the confines of the main screen panel. Now, it is intelligently fixed to display in the right size, ensuring a seamless and visually optimized user experience.


  1. Access the application.

  2. Navigate to the Results page.

  3. Click Filter icon.

Hiding Edit, Delete and Enable Image Validation icons

Issue Fixed: Once the user goes for the Select all steps option, then Edit, Delete and Enable Image Validation icons are now hidden.


  1. Access the application.

  2. Navigate to the Tests page.

  3. Choose any existing test case or create a new test case.

  4. Record a new test case or open the test case in debug mode.

  5. Select all the steps from the extension.

  6. After selecting all the steps hover on single steps.

Missing ❌ icon on Result Details popup

Issue Fixed: The cross ❌ icon missing on the popup on Result Details page is now available. Now the user can close the popup and return to the Results Detail page..


  1. Access the application.

  2. Navigate to the Result page.

  3. Click Filter icon.




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