Export Results to JIRA

  1. Login as Test Manager / Test Engineer.

  2. Select the project from the Projects drop down list.

  3. Navigate to the Project Settings page from the main menu.

  4. Click on the Integrations tab.

  5. Click Jira.

  6. Enter the needed inputs for the following fields: Jira URL, Jira Username, Jira API Token.

  7. Click on the Connect button.

  8. Next, the user has to select the JIRA project and GTP Project for project mapping.

  9. Navigate to the Tests page.

  10. Choose any of the test case and run the test case in cloud execution.

  11. Navigate to the Results page.

  12. From the Results page, click on the Test Name.

  13. On the Test Results page, hover on the failed step. Click on the Create JIRA Issue icon, adjacent to the screenshot.

  14. Create JIRA Issue popup will be displayed on the screen.

  15. Enter the details for Project Name, Summary, Description, Issue Type, Priority. Click on Create Issue button.

  16. On clicking Create Issue, a popup will be displayed on the screen with the link (Click to View) to navigate to JIRA.

  17. Now the user can view the created JIRA ticket on JIRA application.

Sample credentials to connect to Jira:

Jira URL: https://gotestpro.atlassian.net/ jira username: abdul.gaho@royalcyber.com jira_api_token:ATATT3xFfGF03KKtqOeEDDZDmeSG8ZJp3wrGgpbnNLY5ZKVxhXH5zaAaF2rjtdHjhFPAs6HDHheOcNVwoX2Z0sAAsBxsfD6CaFwndNN-GRMSkoXeme7Cw6lN4epMRA4lvUubUS0icNDGpSmjqQOowgydKKUTs0y-N8ksiUFeRw7n8wg_Eaf3gEs=F8A17DCF




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