How to Use Test Plan Rest API Endpoint in DevOps

Get Curl Command Link from GoTestPro

  1. Log in to your account on GoTestPro.

  2. Navigate to Test Plans.

  3. Select a test plan and then select the CI/CD tab.

  4. Click the Jenkins button.

  5. GTP application will display the REST API (Curl Command).

  6. Copy the Curl Command link.

Add Execution Step in Jenkins Pipeline

If you have a Jenkins pipeline in place, skip to step 2. Otherwise, follow the steps below to create a new Pipeline.

Log into your Jenkins Instance after starting the Jenkins instance. It will take you to the Jenkins Dashboard as shown below:

  1. Create a new pipeline by clicking on 'New Item' on the left menu in the Dashboard page above.

  2. Enter a name, select ‘GTP-CurlTest' as the Project type.

  3. Click on the 'Ok' button to create the Pipeline.

  4. In next configuration window, scroll down to pipeline configuration area and add the curl command.

That's all we need to automate the execution of a  test plan, when a successful build is triggered, using the Jenkins CI server. The user will receive an email with the execution status of a test case as ‘pass’ or ‘fail’.


Watch this video on How to use test plan Rest API endpoint in DevOps:



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