Visual Validation

  1. Login to GTP as Test Manager/ Engineer.

  2. Select the Project from Project drop down Menu.

  3. Go to Test Page, click on Add new Test Button.

  4. Create a Test with appropriate Tag.

  5. Click on Test Name.

  6. Click on Record Button. The GTP Web App with Extension will be launched.

  7. Go to the step, where the Visual validation is to be added. 

  8. Click on Edit icon, and turn on Toggle for Visual validation. Click OK.

  9. Once the Test is recorded, click on Save and Close Button.

  10. Execute the Test to Capture the Base line Image.

  11. Once the base line image is captured, user can re execute the Test to validate the Current Image with the Base line Image.

  12. Any Change’s in the Current image will be highlighted.


Watch this video to learn about Visual Validation:



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