Viewing Results

  1. Login as Test Manager/Test Engineer.

  2. Select the required project from the drop-down options.

  3. Navigate to the Test page >> Record Test >> click Save.

  4. Then, navigate to the Execution menu.

  5. Select Tag /Test in the Execute page for execution.

  6. Click Execute Now button.

  7. Update the Test Configuration Environment details >> click Update and navigate to the Results page. 

  8. User can also filter the Test result as per Test Plan/ Test Name / Run date and Run Status from the filter Button.

  9. The user can view the Overall Results table with Test and Tag name, Run Date, Username, Execution Results Status, Scenario Status, Execution Total time, Platform, Browser name, Scheduled/ Manual indicator, and can view the Detailed Report link too.


Watch this video to learn about viewing results:



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